A Year Of Development Behind & A Year Of Expansion Ahead

A lot has happened in 2017.. We went through the roundest Unix timestamp in 15 years, we introduced the possibility to add titles to events, we counted down to astronomical events like the solar eclipse and the Perseids meteor shower, and much more..

As interconnection between xmillis.com and currentmillis.com services is now complete, we have already begun - but are especially looking forward to - a year 2018 of expansion where time measurement and time synchronization is concerned (for personal use but also for public or industrial use)

To honor the tradition we started in 2015, here are New Year countdowns for the top 2 countries / states in terms of currentmillis.com visitors:
This year we also include a country which according to search statistics has a special affinity for countdowns:
But remember, in case you want to create a deadline for any event, just visit the xmillis.com time portal and you can set the local / global time and an optional title and location.

We wish all the nations of the Earth a Happy New Year, in the realization that we are one big family. While 2017 has been filled with struggles from many points of view, we must shift towards new ways of thinking together as Humanity and of protecting our Home, the Earth. Our prediction for next year is: 2018 is the first year of our common future! Live long and prosper!

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