/api discontinued, replaced by /time

Unfortunately the sudden popularity gained by the /api/* URLs made it clear that the hardware resources (and not only) necessary to serve the current time with low latency & no authentication to tens of millions of automated requests per day outmatch the power & profitability of the website. In other words, the time & effort required by an investment in such hardware is beyond currentmillis.com’s possibilities and perhaps only in the realm of content delivery networks like CloudFlare or Akamai… After Sunday’s traffic spike, to protect the site’s very existence, the /api/* URLs have already stopped serving the current time.

There is one trade-off solution that’s currently being experimented: increasing latency to gain scalability. By using a CDN, service URLs could be cached & delivered without so much strain on the main server. So starting today /time will be offering a ‘latent’ time sync service with an average latency of 1 hour.

UPDATE: By using a CDN and some other means, a high-resolution sync service is available again as the number of minutes passed since the UNIX epoch. Details about the new minute sync service here.

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